About Me

I graduated from Texas Tech University with my PhD in Experimental Psychology (focus in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience). My research primarily focused on applied cognitive psychology: psycholinguistics (automated text analysis, reading comprehension, and language in cognition), memory and learning, and individual differences. I developed and led my own research program, which explored how users interact with digital learning platforms. Since then, I've been applying and researching these principles in my psychology and neuroscience classes at Arizona State University.

The transition to remote/online teaching during the pandemic reignited my passion for improving the user experience. Technology plays an increasingly critical role in everyone's lives, and I have unique insight into how we can curate products to be profitable and equitable.

Some of my hobbies include PC & Steam Deck gaming, volunteering, memes, learning new skills, writing, photography, singing, reading, and expanding my exotic terrestrial isopod collection.