About Me

I graduated from Texas Tech University with my PhD in Experimental Psychology (focus in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience). My research primarily focused on applied cognitive psychology: psycholinguistics (automated text analysis, reading comprehension, and language), memory and learning, and individual differences in human-computer interaction. I developed and led my own research program, which explored how users interact with digital learning platforms. After graduation, I applied and continuously researched these principles in the classes I taught at Arizona State University.

The transition to remote/online teaching during the pandemic reignited my passion for improving the user experience. Technology plays an increasingly critical role in everyone's lives, and I have unique insight into how we can curate products to be profitable and equitable.

Some of my hobbies include PC & Steam Deck gaming, volunteering, memes, learning new skills, writing, photography, singing, reading, and expanding my exotic terrestrial isopod collection.

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7 years of training? Check. Messed up tassel in a once-in-a-lifetime photo? Check. :)