UX Research Portfolio



Consulted on research strategy and design, collaborated on survey development and participant instructions, and analyzed user data, contributing to a highly praised first-time user experience and balanced gameplay.


Led and executed all research efforts, including remote playtests, usability tests, surveys, and heuristic analyses on 3 major DLC releases, resulting in significant usability and accessibility enhancements.


Contributed to the research strategy, methodology, and analysis of a wide range of playtest assessments, including usability tests, playstyle preferences, and co-op versus single-player modes.


Collaborated with two user researchers to strategize, assess, and analyze remote playtests using Parsec, improving first-hour gameplay experience.


& Senior UX Researcher

Before Volition merged with GearBox as a publisher, it was under Embracer Group’s PLAION publisher vertical. PLAION has a games user research and data analytics team called GamesLab, which (during my time) was composed of a remote, distributed, international team across 4 studios (Volition, Deep Silver Dambuster, Flying Wild Hog, and PLAION headquarters in Munich). Researchers and analysts were embedded in studios to represent their developers’ needs and utilize the lab space for other PLAION games research. During this time, I was formally housed in Volition to work on games internationally at the publisher level as a Senior UX Researcher for GamesLab. Some of my notable contributions included:

  • Collaborated with the Lead Researcher and Head of Data Analytics & User Research to revitalize the GamesLab team vision.

  • Established and streamlined organizational processes for the reinvigorated GamesLab team, driving strategy, methodology, implementation, and analysis across five PLAION studios' video game projects.

  • Interviewed and consulted on hiring for 2 team members (an Intermediate and a Senior UX researcher).

  • Collaboratively created documentation, processes, standards, and templates for the research team.

  • Mentored intermediate and junior researchers.

After the merge with GearBox and separation from PLAION, I accepted a promotion to Head of User Research at Volition. So far, my major responsibilities and contributions are:

  • Served as a trusted advisor to UX designers, producers, and game designers on research best practices, while pioneering internal research on systems, tools, and remote-first communication techniques.

  • Designed and delivered custom research tutorials for designers, covering heuristic analyses, in-house usability tests, and the use of Parsec for seamless remote usability tests.

  • Forged Volition's first remote-testing external partnership, skyrocketing recruitment success rate from 25% to 100%, and slashing research turnaround time from 6 weeks to just 2 weeks.

  • Promoted from Senior UX Researcher to Head of User Research in 7 months, entrusted with expanding research initiatives, budgeting, game strategy, roadmapping, publisher/market research coordination, and talent acquisition & management.


Namwera AIDS 

UX Researcher

I performed a customized usability audit on the website, suggested changes for WCAG 2.0 accessibility, and proposed options to improve SEO and UX writing to better reach their target audience. I saved the organization approximately $7,000 in losses. In addition, I conducted background research on the specific populations for whom the site was built. In sum, I: 



I worked with a cross-disciplinary, distributed, remote team and LA's Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to design a responsive web resource for LA residents who wanted to increase their data literacy. I guided research direction/analysis, optimized web copy, and edited the responsive website prototype. Among UX research, I conducted Tree Tests and Card Sorts using Optimal Workshop to investigate the navigation and menu.



I created a style guide, standardized the CSS, and generated interaction designs for the website. involveMINT is a non-profit. They hired me on a 4-week contract to fix a variety of front-end design issues with their website in WebFlow. I created a CMS, reformatted the classes, and diagnosed an issue with a custom script.



I worked with the CEO to redesign the visual style of its brand. I also consulted on accessible approaches to reach and educate aphasiac clients. One of my designs was featured in a local movie called Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down.



AZ Exotic Bird Rescue (AZEBR) is the largest exotic parrot rescue in Phoenix, but its website was confusing to new users. In this case study, I investigated the website menu information architecture with a tree test and accessibility assessment.



I assessed my academic website's IA using card sorting methodology on Optimal Workshop.