Hi! I'm Eevin.

Welcome to my hub.

I use this site to display four types of information:

  • My work in industry (EdTech, gaming, non-profits, marketing, and more). I'm a Researcher with a background in design and psychology. I strive to help companies save time and money by providing evidence to support data-informed decisions.

  • My academic accomplishments and interests (scholarship, learning experience design, mentorship, program development, etc.). I'm a cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist with over a decade of experience in applied research and university teaching.  

  • My creative developments in my various domains of interest (diagramming information architecture, photography, short articles, blogging, etc.). I'm an animal-lover, knowledge-consumer, and philanthropist.

  • Other projects, which include additional contributions and services (community involvement, isopod availability, and more to come).

Core Skills

I apply my extensive training in psychology and HCI to improve a variety of products and situations.

Mixed-Methods Research

I use a blend of methods to learn how users think, behave, perceive, and feel about their experiences with products. From planning a roadmap to workshopping results with stakeholders, I combine rigor and impact to prioritize our next steps.

Complex Products

From video games to VR brain dissections for med students, I've navigated some of the most difficult products out there. I'm equipped to ask the tough questions that only come with this kind of experience.

Research Strategy

I've developed Research Strategies for features, games, websites, LMS platforms, and e-books. I've worked with stakeholders varying from junior programmers to CCOs and CEOs to reduce risk and elevate ROI.

Information Architecture

Diagrams, diagrams, diagrams! In research, design, and education, one theme arises consistently: People organize their mental constructs (i.e., your products' features) using complex hierarchical systems. Knowing about their systems and designing for them reduces friction and churn.

Accessibility & DEI

I combine my deep experience in neuroscience, psychology, language, cultural diversity, and accessibility certification to help clients deliver equitable products. Knowing how to leverage your product for your users sets your brand apart from the rest!

Psychology & Neuroscience

Most of the work I did in my PhD was geared toward discovering the issues that different types of users experience with technology and designing for an accessible experience. With over 15 years of experience, I have tactical and strategic insights that are hard to find elsewhere.

Let's Talk!

Accessibility-Certified practitioner
5+ industries and 10+ companies
Strategic and tactical expertise
10+ years of experience
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