Research Awards

I was presenting my research over the testing effect and text comprehension, both of which required a combination of qualitative (e.g., content analysis transforming participants' long-form free responses into quantitative 'idea units,' interviewing participants about their behaviors/perspectives) and quantitative (time on task, survey data, multiple choice scores, etc.) data. After about 10 minutes, I realized that talking about the research was one of THE most exciting things I'd ever done. Instead of waiting for people to approach my poster, I started calling them over. I asked them questions and turned it into a fun exercise. I won third place in Arts and Sciences.

The following year, I presented data from my Master's project. I was surrounded by other PhD students from my department, and they were VERY good presenters. I enjoyed competing with them, but more than anything, I was thrilled that they got first and third place (and I took second!). They mentored me throughout the whole process and are continuously earning awards in their careers.

  • (2014) 2nd Place, Interdisciplinary Division, Texas Tech University Graduate Student Research Poster Competition

  • (2013) 3rd Place, Arts and Sciences Division, Texas Tech University Graduate Student Research Poster Competition

Graduate Research Poster Competition award recipients

Teaching Awards

Outstanding Lecturer

ASU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2018 - 2019 (semi-finalist)


Best General Psychology Instructor

TTU Department of Psychological Sciences, 2014-2015


Excellence in Teaching

Helen DeVitt Jones Fellowship, 2014-2015


Teaching Award

James D. and Mary Hazlewood Memorial Foundation, 2014-2015


TEACH Fellowship

TTU Teaching, Learning, & Professional Development Center, 2014-2015

One academic year duration. Highly competitive, university-wide program. Received individualized training and feedback from professional mentors. Developed new course and materials (Comparative Psychology), received critical feedback through videotaped teaching sessions, assessed course and teaching through mid-semester student evaluations, attended numerous teaching-focused workshops, created teaching portfolio.


Best Lab Instructor (Research Methods)

TTU Department of Psychological Sciences, 2013-2014